28 Feb


I am the founder and CEO of Pipelinersales, and mastermind of the Pipeliner CRM product. In addition, I am very passionate about sales and salespeople, executive success, entrepreneurship, self responsibility to help shape our own lives, and free market economics. These are all topics of my blog, of talks that I give all over the world, and also subjects of the books I have published.

I am also a very proud father and husband, and cherish my family above all else.

Perhaps I have something here that can help you in your own pursuit of success, so feel free to explore!


  • Publications – Author of a number of publications varying from blog articles to full-sized e-Books available on Kindle.
  • Podcasts – Business podcasts are always a great source of information and motivation.
  • Videos – Public speaking is a part of every entrepreneur’s life. If you are interested in my thoughts on business and success in today‘s market, feel free to watch my videos.
  • Austrian School of Economics – It’s not an actual school with a building, it’s a school of thought, a way of looking at things. Learn what is the Austrian School of Economics is here. I am an Austrian Economist.
  • Malik Management Approach – It is my deepest belief, that the Malik Management Approach answers all the questions of sales management perfectly. It creates a system that can in fact help everyone within it to become an entrepreneur or manager and transform their own individual strengths into a seamless team performance.

Enjoy Reading! If you have any questions, let me know.

Nikolaus Kimla