09 Mar

GO AHEAD Publication

Over the last couple of years we have published at the International GO AHEAD! business summits, brochures with very important content . At this stage we only have this in German but it will be also available in English in the near future.

Introducing GO AHEAD!

Every person is created with freedom of choice. However, primal fears lead him to retreat into the manageable and build regulatory systems. Particularly in times of change and globalization where regulations protect against lack of orientation ability. But the opposite is the case. In fact, by the self-confidence and individual responsibility are weakened.

GO AHEAD! is an independent platform for business executives who follow the motto “leading responsibly.” It sees itself as an initiator of positive current trends and encourages to self-determined actions in business world. The core task of GO AHEAD! is the promotion and support of entrepreneurs in all areas of economic activity.

The aim is to confirm the individual in his will to self-responsibility and encourage him exercise his freedom and inspire entrepreneurial spirit.

All those executives who feel the basic idea of a free market, for free people committed to the values ​​of freedom, personal responsibility and entrepreneurship should be brought closer in many ways, so that they can apply their theories in practice.

GO AHEAD! Publications

The current GO AHEAD! publications can be downloaded from the following links:

Lessons from the crisis – Learning for the Future

The theme of the GO AHEAD! summit 2009 was the same as was the central challenge for society, economy and politics. Employment with the proper causes and consequences for the economy are at the center of public debate. Even though the dramatic effects of burden of debt are not yet in fully estimated, the victims are now certain – the medium-sized entrepreneurship and the next generation.
International scientists and experts discuss the current financial and economic crisis. More free and independent entrepreneurial thought and action in all areas of society – That is the most important lesson we should learn from the crisis.


The Way into the Crisis and Out of Crisis

Crisis, as a theme, took also over GO AHEAD! summit 2010. The further analysis of the crisis is required to fully understand it and to successfully implement the way out of this crisis. The satisfaction with current “EXIT” strategies is questioned by media and public. In fact, the need for action is even more apparent
in dealing with the crisis and huge debts, especially in Europe. So how do you fight the bad ideas? With new ideas… the only light in the darkness. These ideas must be presented to the public so that they can be understood and set in motion. All we need is to replace bad ideas with the new, better ones.


The meltdown of the financial system

We do not try to spread panic or confusion, but rather present new ideas and ways to handle turbulence in the financial world. The ignorance and lack of knowledge of our financial system is what makes this crisis dangerous in its fullest extent. Unfortunately, it lacks the healthy human mind and recognition of the new approaches in economics.
You can change the world in a way no governments or armies can. Fighting for freedom with ideas, makes much more sense than with guns or political power. With the right ideas, we can actually bring about the change that lasts.


GO AHEAD Publication