02 Sep

10 Guiding Principles for Entrepreneurs

An inspirational and practical e-book for the one person responsible for your success — You.

See the Bigger Picture

Any activity is governed by principles or natural laws. Some are obvious—skydiving, obviously, is governed by gravity. Flying is also subject to gravity, as well as wind and air patterns. Driving an automobile is subject to mass, power, friction, wind resistance, and a number of other variables.

Some governing factors are not so obvious. A fantastic example is economics, which for hundreds of years has been subject to “principles” in various schools of thought that actually contradict each other. There are, indeed, sound economic principles. I know this because, if there weren’t, we’d never have any economic success. I personally believe, as you will see in Chapter 5, that the most brilliant principles are to be found in the Austrian School of Economic Thought, and have shared some of the most fundamental ones in this book.

I believe that entrepreneurs are actually the best hope for a healthy, global economy, and that they play a major role in and the ongoing prosperity of our planet and culture.

In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • Principles for entrepreneurs – especially the ones that school doesn’t teach you
  • How to lead and be an example for your enterprise
  • Why the word “why” is so important to the vocabulary of a successful entrepreneur

So, entrepreneurs – young, old, brand-new or seasoned veterans – this book is for you!

Table of Content:

  1. Entrepreneurs: If You Can’t Totally Trust This One Person, You’re Done For
  2. 4 Things Entrepreneurs Won’t Ever Learn in School
  3. Entrepreneurs: Drop That Piccolo and Grab the Conductor’s Baton
  4. 6 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Mozart
  5. Advice for New Entrepreneurs: How Not to Fall On Your A**
  6. Entrepreneurs: Find Your Cathedral
  7. Entrepreneurs: The Vital Importance of “Why?”
  8. Entrepreneurs with an Edge: 6 Ways to Build on a Winning Attitude
  9. Entrepreneurs: Places Everyone, Places!
  10. Are Entrepreneurs Agents of Happiness Who Could Change the World?

Enjoy Reading!