26 Jun

Principles of Entrepreneurs

How Precise Economic Philosophy Empowers Sales

It seems too far-fetched to expect some complex philosophical theory behind selling. Or is it?

Salespeople Are Entrepreneurs

Salespeople are more than just regular day-to-day workers.

They find opportunities where other don’t, invest their time and effort to turn them into revenue. They are, in fact – entrepreneurs within the enterprise. However, being a true entrepreneur is more than just experience and educated guesses.

The Principles of Entrepreneurs ebook answers you these questions and more:

  • That core economic principles not new but still relevant today;
  • Applying these principles in any given sales situation;
  • Discovering the entrepreneurial spirit behind these priniciples.

Table of Content:

  1. What is “Sunk Cost” and Why Do You Need to Know About It?
  2. Sales Force, Sales Management and Opportunity Cost
  3. Subjective Value: The Key to Insight Selling
  4. Sales Management: What Comparative Advantage Can Do for You
  5. Sustainable Value Means Sales Force Effectiveness
  6. Salespeople as Entrepreneurs: What You Really Mean to the World
  7. The Importance of a Free Market to Sales Management and the Sales Force

Moreover, within The Principles of Entrepreneurs ebook, you will be exploring the major principles that make up the economic landscape in which salespeople operate. We’ll cover the importance of sunk costs—costs that your company has already invested in products or services that must now be profitably recovered through your sales efforts. We’ll go over opportunity cost—the investment your company must make to achieve a sale, and how that affects your actions. We’ll take up the vital importance of subjective value—the perceived value of your product or service in the mind of the prospect. We’ll address comparative advantage—the principle of optimizing a sales force based on differing strengths of salespeople. And we’ll take a firm look at sustainable value—the longer term value of your and your company’s sales activities and how they affect your economic survival potential.

Download this eBook and learn the meaning of entrepreneurship and philosophy behind it.

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How Precise Economic Philosophy Empowers Sales.