04 Sep

Pipeliner CRM Features and Functionality: Philosophy into Action

Features and Functionality: Philosophy Meets the Real World

In our previous 2 ebooks, Theory Made Real and Reducing Risk, we demonstrated how Pipeliner CRM is the sum total, in the real world, of sound philosophical business principles. Theory Made Real explored the 6 basic principles that form the foundation for Pipeliner, with examples of how they are expressed in the product. Reducing Risk laid out the Pipeliner Selling System, which follows the basic pattern of a sales process against the backdrop of the buyer’s journey, and how this, too, embodies the basic principles.

In this our third ebook in the series, we explore all the specific Pipeliner CRM features—many of which are totally unique in the CRM market—and how each of these reflects the philosophy which inspired it.

Our goal with this book is to bring the reader an understanding of the power that Pipeliner can bring to a sales organization and business, and also to provide a continuing overview of the applicable principles on which any business is based.

Table of Content:

  1. Philosophy into Action
  2. Focus
  3. Engage
  4. Convince
  5. Close and Cooperate

Enjoy reading!