11 Aug

Evolution in Progress

How the Entrepreneur Is Changing the World

There is more to entrepreneurship than just increasing your revenue.

This is a book about freedom-the freedom that once existed

I have been an entrepreneur all my life, have almost worked for anyone else, and would never have it any other way. It is the entrepreneur who is able to see opportunities that others miss, who has the ingenuity to seize them, and the foresight to take advantage of them. It is through their actions that markets are created and that commerce exists at all.

We will explore some key economic principles and offer solutions to these severe challenges—for I am a believer in solutions, not just trumpeting the problems. The book is divided into three parts, and at the end of each part are offered specific actions you can take right from your business.

In this ebook you learn:

  • How much the economic crisis has changed the world of sales
  • The benefits of integrating social and ecological issues in company policy
  • How small-medium businesses prevail for the future

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Table of Content:

1. The Ties That Bind

  • Bureaucracy & Taxes
  • Understanding Social Welfare
  • Inequality in Funding
  • Taking Action: What Can You Do?

2. Finding Great Employees

  • Competition with Big Business
  • In the Beginning Was the Family
  • Taking Action: What Can You Do?

3. Insuring Our Economic Future

  • Mega and Micro Solutions
  • Technology Means Knowledge — and Power
  • Software: The Great Equalizer
  • The Customer Is the Alpha and Omega
  • The Salesperson As Entrepreneur
  • Taking Action: What Can You Do?

The primary barrier to entrepreneurship today is government intervention, which is occurring in an unending myriad of ways. While such intervention has been creeping in on us for decades, it has been greatly exacerbated as a consequence of the recent financial crisis—and the train is heading unstoppably toward more government in many countries.

Is this the right way to go? Or is government intervention in fact taking us further and further away from the freedoms that are, in fact, our right? Perhaps you believe as I do that we will not solve our present or future problems with this outmoded approach; that interventionism impedes and prevents the release of entrepreneurial forces for resolving social challenges and achieving growth and prosperity for all.

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Can an entrepreneurship be a key to solving the aftermath of the financial crisis?