13 Oct

Leading from the War-Room

Lead a Battle-Ready Sales Force with a Winning Sales Strategy

How do you build and lead a sales force that wins even in the rough terrain of the sales world? Turn your sales process into a battle plan!

Your salespeople are your troops, but your sales process is your battle plan

Running a sales force is like leading a war with your competitors. The prize is new prospects, new customers, sales, customer retention, and market share.

As a sales manager, your troops are your salespeople. You want those troops to be as battle-worthy as possible. You want them to return as winners—for their own satisfaction  as well as the bottom line. You need a sales strategy for your fighting force.

In this ebook, you learn:

  • What kind of sales reps you need to build a worthy sales force
  • How to lead, train and prepare your sales reps to be part of a team
  • The leadership qualities that will drive sales – and skills – higher

Download this ebook and learn how to execute your sales strategy with military precision.

Table of Content:

  1. A Competent Fighting Force
  2. Withstanding the Heat of Battle
  3. The Sales Process: Your Tactical Procedure
  4. Sales and Marketing: Run Up the White Flag
  5. To Win Battles, You Need Great Intel
  6. The Skill of Leadership
  7. The Safe Base Camp
  8. Empowering the Salespreneur

As a sales manager, your troops are your salespeople. On your end, it starts with obtaining great talent. Unfortunately, this is a battle on another front that you’re having to wage, and with the pool of great talent shrinking, this mission is becoming increasingly difficult. You don’t just need someone who can sell—today you require sales force that can observe, actively listen, understand customer issues and situations, and be great team members (gone are the days of the “lone wolf” who can get along with no one else in the company).

Once you obtain that talent, they must have regular training to become experts in your product, your market, your prospect issues, and buyer patterns. Your sales force represents the troops on the ground, in the trenches. They need the latitude to make judgments about how to move a sale along—whether or not those decisions fall right in line with the sales process. Many companies are discovering that reps cannot be totally “straightjacketed” with a strict sales process—a salesperson has  entrepreneurial instincts and should be allowed to use them to the fullest.

Given all of the situations that might come, most sales managers at this point are going to be asking a very pertinent question: Who has time for all this? If it means constantly having to chase up numbers and create time-consuming reports, the answer is, “nobody”—unless a sales manager is empowered with the right tools to inspire and empower their salespeople to move with the necessary speed and agility.

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