22 Jan


Public speaking is a part of every entrepreneur’s life.

I attended many events – such as Pioneers Festival, expos and delivered keynote speeches in both Austria and the U.S. country. If you are interested in my thoughts on business and success in today‘s market, feel free to watch the videos below.

Nikolaus Kimla Videos:

Leading From The War Room– Building a Battle-Ready Sales Force

August 18, 2015

Running a sales force is like leading a war with your competitors. The prize is new prospects, new customers, sales, customer retention, and market share. Download this ebook and learn how to execute your sales strategy with military precision.
In this ebook, you learn:

  • What kind of sales reps you need to build a worthy sales force
  • How to lead, train and prepare your sales reps to be part of a team
  • The leadership qualities that will drive sales – and skills – higher

Cutting Through the Water — Becoming a Champion Salesperson

August 18, 2015

Becoming a champion salesperson—what we call a salespreneur, require a level of skill and knowledge well beyond what has traditionally been required of a salesperson. Test yourself after each chapter and we’ll send you a personal assessment that shows you how close you are to attaining the role of salespreneur.
In this ebook, you learn:

  • The skills you need to become a champion salesperson
  • Strategies for training your sales force
  • A chapter-by-chapter assessment test to confirm your progress

If Money Making is a Sin, Welcome to Hell! – Pioneers Festival

October 29, 2013

At the Pioneers Festival I spoke about starting up your own business like an entrepreneur. Can you, in this fast-paced world, rise above the overwhelming competition? And how? I also revealed the three C’s of winners in today’s market and lastly – the key aspect of what success is really about.

  • How do you start a successful company?
  • How can you avoid failing at your efforts?
  • What are the three C’s of winners in today’s market?

Interview at CRM Evolution 2013

August 18, 2013

We talked about different approach of Pipeliner CRM towards salespeople with Bob Fernekees, the bulisher of CRM Magazine. I revealed our strategy considering the evolution of our CRM solution and what lead us to create it in the first place.

  • In what way is our approach different?
  • What is our CRM evolution strategy?
  • What is a philosophy behind Pipeliner CRM?

Video: Watch on Vimeo

Pipeliner CRM Business Cocktail

April 10, 2012

During this presentation of Pipeliner CRM I addressed the issue of CRMs in general. It was obvious that even in the audience, there was almost no one used to the idea of using CRM daily. Main arguments were that common CRMs take a lot of time, that can be spent elsewhere and don’t really bring any benefits to the table. We also talked about how we resolved these problems with Pipeliner CRM.

  • Why did we developed Pipeliner CRM?
  • What are we trying to achve with it?
  • How is it different from other CRMs on the market?

Pipeliner CRM and “The reason for a making”

March 14, 2011

I spoke about the idea behind Pipeliner CRM and what lead us to develop it in a way that we did.

P-day — pipeliner Special Event (in German)

February 24, 2011

The first event of Pipelinersales celebrating the success of Pipeliner CRM on the international scale took place in Vienna, Austria.

Interview for Gold Money Foundation (in German)

February 17, 2011

I spoke about new concepts in today’s market and a necessity of IT revolution and change.

Go-Ahead.at Videos (in German)

If you feel like watching more of my videos, feel free to browse through my presentations for go-ahead.at server.

If you want to see me speak at an event you are planning, please contact me at n.kimla@pipelinersales.com.