23 Jan

Sales Strategies (eBooks)

With traditional CRM shortcomings revealed, a new paradigm for CRM systems and pipeline management can clearly be seen – one which is rapidly being adopted by forward-looking companies today.

Become an entrepreneur on your own with this set of full-sized ebooks on revolutionary sales strategies and sales management.

Pipelinersales eBooks published by Nikolaus Kimla on Sales Strategies:

The Use of Precision Metrics in Sales Management

A seasoned captain would never leave port without a competent navigator.

In a similar way, a sales manager might be a total ace at commanding the ship – at inspiring and coaching sales reps, pointing out and getting agreement on making quotas, and keeping everyone’s eye on the overall goal. But just as a ship with a poor navigator will end up adrift in uncharted waters, so too will a sales manager without precision analytics. This book will help you understand the navigational tools you need to cross often stormy waters in the attainment of your sales and company goals.

Creating the Front End of Your Pipelne

Leads can be a sore subject for any sales force, and often for sales management. Sales reps complain that the leads aren’t good enough, or aren’t plentiful enough. Sales management tries to get a handle on the situation by counting up and analyzing the leads that are coming in to see how viable they actually are. But analysis can be difficult, and in the absence of accurate analysis opinion takes over.
Leads are the basic source of your company’s prosperity. Without them, you sell nothing. Hence it’s in your very best interest to make the best lead machine you can. This book covers the basics of how to do that.

Sales Management in a Virtual World

In many business sectors it won’t be long before the sales force does not have a central physical location, and sales management will have to perform the complex management functions without the advantage of physical interaction. In today’s fierce competitive environment fostered by the internet, potential customers can find out all about your company and product or service before your sales reps ever contact them. Here is the basic knowledge and suggested tools to propel you through the changes of today and into the future.

The Changing Role of CRM

This book formulates a new and comprehensive attitude toward IT and its use by companies and people. It is not enough that IT merely “functions.” If companies use IT solutions strategically, they can also look forward to substantial potential growth and competitive advantages. Gaining these opportunities requires new and forward-looking views, which are published in the following e-book.