21 Jan


Business podcasts are always a great source of information and motivation.

I am glad I had a pleasure of being invited to and interviewed in some of them, including SLMA Radio and School for Startups Radio. Feel free to listen the Podcasts attached below:

Nikolaus Kimla Podcasts:

On the “Mike Siegel Show” with the Host Mike Siegel Talking about How and Why Pipelinersales was Founded

February 7,2014

With Mike Siegel we talked about how was it like to move to United States and start the Pipelinersales company. We went over development of Pipeliner CRM and how exactly it approaches the world of sales and empowers entrepreneurs. We also addressed the core values of sales and business.

  • How was it like to start a new life in the United States?
  • How and why was Pipeliner CRM developed?
  • What are the core, stable values of today’s market?

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On “The Price of Business” with Kevin Price Discussing the Topic „CRM that is About Sales“

November 8, 2013

The main topic of the conversation was the Pipeliner CRM software. We spoke about salespeople and the fact that working on commission – they are actually the risk-takers when it comes to closing sales. With Pipeliner CRM why try to bring about new “bottom-up” approach in CRM and incorporate it into any sales process and pipeline.
We talked more about what sets Pipeliner CRM apart from other CRM solutions and what we based it’s design and user interface on. You will learn what are the capabilities, features and pricing of Pipeliner CRM.

  • What is the role of salespeople with the enterprise?
  • Why is Pipeliner CRM more current then other CRM solutions?
  • What is the perspective of salespeople, when it comes to CRM?

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On Liberty Express Radio with Jim Beach About Entrepreneurship in Sales

October 18,2013

We talked about how to embrace salespeople as the “entrepreneurs in the enterprise” and how important is the choice of the right CRM for this task. I revealed more behind the process of making Pipeliner CRM, philosophy of the software and the result of that process – a simple, intuitive, easy to grasp solution, that is designed to help you to build your company.
We also addressed the issue of the target group for Pipeliner CRM softwere. Is there a target group? Yes… The entrepreneurs!

  • Is Pipeliner CRM difficult to use?
  • Does it take long to imput data into Pipeliner CRM?
  • What is a target group of Pipeliner CRM?

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With Adrian Swinscoe on a topic „Customer Relationship Management CRM Systems Can be More Human“

August 23, 2013

With Adrian we compared current CRM systems to Pipeliner CRM and talked about shortcomings of other solutions out there and our approach towards trying to address these issues with our solution. There are three main problems with most of the commonly used CRM systems in sales that influenced my idea of a new approach towards CRM solution.
We spoke about how the salespeople are different from any other employees in the company and we even resolved any problems you might have with pronunciation of my name.

  • What was the motivation to create Pipeliner CRM?
  • What are the major flaws of current CRM solutions available?
  • How are salespeople different form your other employees?

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With SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer on “How New CRM Empowers Salespeople to be Entrepreneurs”

July 9, 2013

We spoke about my latest book Salespeople Embracing IT All. It puts forth the concept that salespeople, being the primary contact points between company and customers, are actually “entrepreneurs in the enterprise”.
Another topic was the unique selling proposition and the philosophy of Pipeliner CRM. I revealed how we launched Pipeliner CRM and why we build it the way it’s build i.e. a CRM for Salespeople. Pipeliner revolutionizes the sales process in the interest of employees and businesses. Our CRM solution empowers salespeople to act in a personally responsible manner based on their own individual ideas and goals. Find the answers to the following questions:

  • Why salespeople hate CRM?
  • Why CRM fails?
  • Why is Pipeliner CRM different?
  • How does Pipeliner CRM Empowers Salespeople to be Entrepreneurs?

Listen to the show to learn the philosophy behind the Pipeliner CRM.

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If you have any other questions you would like me to answer, feel free to contact me: n.kimla@pipelinersales.com