05 Feb


Family is the most valuable part of my life, even though family is not as effortless and easy as it sometimes looks in pictures. I am very happily married—to my beloved wife Claudia who is my friend, partner and best adviser. I am forever grateful for my three children, Rebekka, Fiona and Sebastian. They are truly the light of my life.

My own childhood was difficult, but I firmly made the choice to have a stable, loving family of my own. This is but one example of not letting the past stand in the way of my finding and experiencing happiness. I am all about moving forward, not backward. In the case of my wife and my wonderful children, “moving forward” has been my most rewarding experience.

A lot has to do with the upbringing of my own childhood and the parents I have had, but it is a choice I had to make even along the way as everyone making a lot of challenging decisions. I had to live up to these choices I have done and had to take the whole responsibility for it, but this freed me up to move on because in my life is all about “GO AHEAD!”.

One significant challenge – never picture and regret about lost opportunities and forget that in life counts “to learn” and ” to act”. Like a little boy, falling down, hurting and wounding me and others, but then standing up again and hopefully learned from this painful experience.