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Time for a System Reboot: A Christmas Message

19 Dec
December 19, 2014

In my blogs over the past year, I’ve made mention of the fact that true entrepreneurial spirit is the only thing that’s going to change the world, if anything will. If we are to progress as a species, peaceful commerce must replace war as a method of international dealings. But the news only continues to get worse.

Based on what I’ve recently seen throughout the world, I honestly believe that we are headed for very serious trouble—and that the only real solution will be the same as when a computer operating system goes into a state of unstable operation: a reboot. So I would revise the above statement to say:

True entrepreneurial spirit, along with radical system changes, will save the world.

I don’t believe the problem lies with the planet itself, or the people involved—it’s our political and economic systems. Just like a computer is usually not at fault for failing; it’s the software, the operating system. And in our case, that operating system needs a drastic and complete reboot. Read more →

“Man in the Mirror”, Part 2

04 Sep
September 4, 2014

In my last blog I quoted the amazing Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit song Man in the Mirror, and pointed out how true this is today: that for real change to come about in our world, it has to begin with each and every one of us.

Continuing on, then, what does that take? As I also pointed out, it certainly isn’t easy. I know of what I speak—I had to put myself through serious personal changes to shake off my difficult childhood and bring myself to where I am today.

Here are some steps with which I think everyone could agree, and where each one of us could start. Read more →

“Man in the Mirror”, Part 1

20 Aug
August 20, 2014

In 1988 the legendary Michael Jackson had a number one hit with a song called “Man in the Mirror.” For anyone who wasn’t around at the time, the chorus went: Read more →

Are Great Leaders Born…Or Are They Made?

07 Jul
July 7, 2014

In my last blog I covered the necessity for great leaders, especially in today’s digital world in which examples are readily seen and so must be set. I described in general terms some of the qualities that make up a great leader.

This leads to a pertinent question: How do such leaders come about? Are they born, or are they made? Read more →