Salespeople Embracing IT All

13 Mar
March 13, 2013

The sales department is a key to corporate success more than ever before. It faces new challenges in a time when the Internet has changed a seller’s market into a buyer’s market. Sales – and the salespeople who do sales – do not get the credit they deserve in many companies. That has to change.

To develop innovative IT solutions for sales, businesses are called upon and required to assign greater value to sales and all the managers and skilled employees working in sales. In this book, I discuss that sales management software in the future has to have a completely new approach to sales. As an example my own Software is a program to support the forward-looking orientation of companies.

One thing is certain: Sales is becoming ever more important. The sales team has to receive the best possible support within the company. Besides a strategic strengthening of sales, this task depends heavily on IT applications. Strategically and technologically compelling solutions are what are called for. IT solutions are needed to individualize communication with the customer and the sales process and to render it more successful. Enormous information and communication potentials inherent to new business opportunities are often left unused. This happens because of a lack of IT support and because of a lack of awareness about using IT for strategic sales or because of previous instruments delivering tons of data instead of tons of opportunities.

Decade of Sales 

It is all the more important that we appropriately realize the significance of sales to company success and understand it as a process. Like all other processes associated with other corporate functions, sales needs to be structured and designed in a professional, goal-oriented manner. We work and live today in a decade of sales. Successful selling is the best way for companies that have generated benefits to give them to their customers.

It is no good just to talk about customer benefits. You have to make sure that customers, both male and female, actually receive them. That is the only way to generate growth. We have decades behind us in which other corporate functions were the focal point of interest and corresponding paradigms shaped the issue of IT use. Salespeople embracing it all!

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