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02 Apr
April 2, 2013

At Pipeliner our customers always come first! We take pride in listening to and reading your feedback in order to provide you with the best Sales CRM Software the market has to offer. We are constantly working hard on improving the product in a continuously changing market. Therefore, we are excited to introduce you the latest version of Pipeliner CRM. Join us in welcoming Pipeliner 5.

Pipeliner 5 is available for download for Windows and Mac in four different languages. If you are upgrading an older Pipeliner version to Pipeliner 5, please read the upgrade notices first!

Work smarter, work faster

We realized that when working with Pipeliner, you had to perform too many clicks in order to update your data. We know that time is always an issue and that you need to update your data very quickly. Therefore, we made updating the data in Pipeliner 5 much more faster!

  • We removed the window “X” close button, so you can switch between two features.
  • We made the sync button available to use within each feature, so you can sync Pipeliner at any-time.
  • We implemented the Quick-View Lists for the opportunities, leads, accounts and contacts, so you can switch between two different opportunities, leads, accounts and contacts!

By introducing the new smart sales flow, we eliminated more than 50% of clicks in Pipeliner! Are you ready to give it a try? Then download Pipeliner 5 today!

Enhanced Sales Tools

With Pipeliner 5, you can spend more time with your customers and less time entering the data into the system. We built new and faster ways to access all sales features within Pipeliner CRM in order to do common sales tasks. We call it ultra-fast selling!

We re-built the well-known opportunity “Action Panel” into the “Opportunity Window”, where you can find all 6 Essential Sales Tools:

  • Track all tasks and meetings
  • Post and share free build-in messages
  • Build the organization buying cycle
  • Upload and share documents
  • Write notes to remember everything
  • Track the history changes

Pipeliner 5 Sales Tools

Pipeliner 5 lets you use the same 6 Essential Sales Tools within the Lead-, Account- and Contact Window! Experience the new way of smart selling and download Pipeliner 5.


One of the great things about Pipeliner 5 is the power of using the new custom filter and reports settings to generate absolutely unique reports in a seconds.

We improved the speed of how Pipeliner CRM generates reports and lets you:

  • rearrange the reports columns
  • rename the reports columns names
  • export reports into the PDF or Excel file
  • save the reports settings under the profiles
Pipeliner CRM 5 Reports

With the Pipeliner 5, you can really fly through the data within your reports! Try it yourself.

New Pipeliner Office Add-In

We know that over the last year, Pipeliner Outlook Add-In has become an inevitable part of everyday work for you and we decided to improve this Add-In and make it even more integrated with your office tools.

The new Pipeliner Office Add-In lets you use the familiar Pipeliner Outlook Add-In and also:

  • Word Add-In
  • Excel Add-In
  • PowerPoint Add-In
  • Visio Add-In
  • Project Add-In

All new Add-Ins lets you save your files directly into Pipeliner CRMPipeliner Office Add-In is available for download free of charge for our Windows users using MS Office 2010 or MS Office 2013.

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