From Seller’s Market to Buyer’s Market

25 Mar
March 25, 2013

The Internet is constantly increasing challenges and opportunities for sales in fundamental ways. In many areas today, we no longer have a seller’s market but rather a buyer’s market. The sources of information for buyers were once quite limited. It was complicated for them to draw fast comparisons. In many areas, sales were attributed to an information edge that no longer exists today because of the Internet. What interests buyers today is the added value of products and services. The difference between more or less transparent products lies in their added value, not in “solutions” packed with a wealth of expertise from the seller. Top sellers have therefore advanced to “insight selling.” They specialize in change-oriented businesses and decision-makers that do not yet know what they need. These salespeople are convincing in their knowledge of the industry and solid “insights,” and then in the way they shape relationships with buyers and decision-makers. What that means at present is that the sales team today and in the future must prepare much more thoroughly than before. Sales must be based on the perfect management of information and opportunities – and that requires appropriate IT support.

Renaissance of Salespeople 

One thing is certain: Sales is becoming ever more important. The sales team has to receive the best possible support within the company. Besides a strategic strengthening of sales, this task depends heavily on IT applications. Strategically and technologically compelling solutions are what are called for. IT solutions are needed to individualize communication with the customer and the sales process and to render it more successful. Enormous information and communication potentials inherent to new business opportunities are often left unused. This happens because of a lack of IT support, because of a lack of awareness about using IT for strategic sales or because of previous instruments delivering tons of data instead of tons of opportunities.

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