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Pipeline Management Ensures the Future

18 Mar
March 18, 2013

Experience shows that many businesses have major problems preparing and implementing an optimum sales process. Excel sheets continue to dominate the picture. There is no question, however, that complex tasks of this kind require customized IT support. In fact this support is indispensable given the crisis-ridden trends in the economy, the ever fiercer competition and the constant flow of new products into the market.

Professional pipeline management is an essential tool for actively shaping the future. The future of businesses is put to a test all too rapidly if a pipeline is empty or poorly managed. Sales must support and accelerate activities as best they can with solid pipeline management. There is no room for the classic rivalries between the functional entities of Sales and Marketing. Effective support from Marketing is wanted and possible, depending on the pipeline forecast. On the other hand, sales enables Marketing to have comprehensive feedback on customer behavior and customer requirements. Professional marketing is not possible without systematic feedback. Read more →

Shaping Sales

14 Mar
March 14, 2013

Understanding processes correctly is vital to the success of sales in particular. This fact becomes obvious when you analyze the sales process. The entry points for any pipeline are leads – “unprocessed” contacts with contact details on prospective customers. Every lead can potentially result in an opportunity. We have experienced a fundamental change in leads in recent times with the Internet.

Businesses often had a difficult time in the past getting hold of sales leads. A lot of money was invested to do so. A good example is the practice of participating in international trade shows, where businesses invested a great deal of time and money. Those days now belong to the past. Read more →

Salespeople Embracing IT All

13 Mar
March 13, 2013

The sales department is a key to corporate success more than ever before. It faces new challenges in a time when the Internet has changed a seller’s market into a buyer’s market. Sales – and the salespeople who do sales – do not get the credit they deserve in many companies. That has to change.

To develop innovative IT solutions for sales, businesses are called upon and required to assign greater value to sales and all the managers and skilled employees working in sales. In this book, I discuss that sales management software in the future has to have a completely new approach to sales. As an example my own Software is a program to support the forward-looking orientation of companies. Read more →