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A Replacement for War? Part 2

27 Oct
October 27, 2014

As I covered in my last blog post, we as businesspeople actually hold the very seeds of world peace right in our hands. Trade can only be conducted by nations not at war, and our most powerful weapons are our ideas.

Now just how powerful is the idea, and what is the only way it can truly and effectively come about? Read more →

A Replacement for War?

15 Oct
October 15, 2014

Despite many promises to the contrary, war never seems to cease. While in the 20th century war was waged between nations, today it is a war on terror, with radical factions performing horrific acts that ultimately involve every world power. There seems to be no end in sight. If we are to survive as a species, we must eventually do away with war. What might be its replacement as the primary international activity of humankind? Read more →

Don’t Just Lead by Orders – Lead By Example

26 Feb
February 26, 2014

My position that salespeople are the “entrepreneurs within the enterprise” has been a thread through much of my writing. I have stressed how much we should value them, for no company can exist without them; a company lives and dies by the production of its sales force.

But should we simply issue orders to our salespeople and send them on their way? They have a tough job which relatively few can do. As a leader it is far more valuable to also act as a role model and lead by example. Read more →

View Your Salespeople as Entrepreneurs

05 Feb
February 5, 2014

There are many things said about salespeople. Some consider them annoying prima donnas who must be “catered to.” Others see them as out of control mavericks who must be contained. Yet others consider that they can’t be trusted and must be closely monitored. Interestingly, though, even such detractors of salespeople see them as unique and extraordinary people who do a job that most other people can’t.

There is one truth that is universally accepted, begrudgingly or otherwise: no company can do without salespeople. Their success equals the company’s success. Forward-thinking companies are finally realizing just how valuable their salespeople are—that they are actually “entrepreneurs within the enterprise.” When given space, fully supported and empowered, they meet and exceed quotas, and are essential and consistently valuable contributors to a company’s bottom line. View your salespeople as entrepreneurs: Read more →